Antiterrorism Campaigns in the US

Terrorist Attacks In The Recent Pasts

 1. Unabomber

At the peak of technological advancement, Ted Kaczynski, opposed to it, decided to use the mail to bomb the country.

He sent over 16 mails loaded with bombs to drive his point home. All these happened between 1978 and 1995.

2.The Bombing of the World Trade Center (1993)

The Al Qaeda network- a radical Islamic extremist group- bombed the world trade center.

Although they aimed to bring down the entire tower, it killed six people but injured thousands. Khalid Sheikh and Uncle Ramzi Yousef used a truck and loaded it with a bomb.

Drove to the parking lot and released it. They later confessed the action, and the message was clear.

It was to warn America and other dictator countries on the economic and political interference in Israel.

3. Oklahoma City

Two years later, Oklahoma City experiences a dark day when over 160 people were killed and hundreds injured in the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building.

It was in response to the siege in Waco two years ago. The perpetrator Terry Nichols and Timothy McVeigh intended to spark a revolution; instead, they had to be sentenced to death.

4. The Bombing of the Centennial Olympic Park

Three years later, in 1996, Georgia Eric Robert Rudolph used pipe bombs and planed them under the benches of the Olympic grounds.

Only two people died, and hundreds were injured; it aimed to instill global socialism among citizens, which was the Olympic movement’s aim.

It aimed to embarrass the government of the day- Washington- at the Olympic Games’ peak.

5. 2001- The terrorist year

2001 was a dark year in the United States; they had several terrorist attacks, including its citizen’s biological attack.

The worst was the bomb attack on the World Trade Centre that killed over 300 people and injured thousands.

Richard Reid, a suicide bomber, installs bombs in his shoes and boarded a plane. He ignited the explosive using a fuse and killed all passengers on board, including him.

The same year, Bruce E. Ivins laced mails with anthrax and mailed them to several senatorial offices and media houses.

He managed to kill five people and injured 18 people who had direct contact with the lethal bacterium.

He aimed to sensitize the globe to the Anthrax vaccine he was in charge of. He was only identified as a suspect seven years later.

6. Beltway Sniper

Lee Boyd and John Allen Muhammad took shots at people in Beltway are and managed to kill over ten people and injured several others.

He did this in three weeks.

Some of the terror attacks in the US

  • University of North Carolina Chapel Hill SUV attack
  • NYC Bomb Plot on the Subway
  • Time Square Bombing attempt

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