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If there is a security issue that even the superpower nations like the US find it a global challenge is terrorism.

Terrorist attacks throw a government off guard. Apart from the loss of lives, it disables the economy since it negatively affects all sectors of the economy.

Terrorism is a form of indiscriminate political violence that creates terror in extreme areas. It involves the targeted shooting of individuals of a certain race and religion.

Islamic extremism has been in existence for many decades now. Their war in the US continent is purely political, for they feel the United States funds or rather directly involves in their warfare.

Some of the terror attacks have a known cause since the perpetrators take responsibility. In others, they are still under investigation many decades after the act.


We are here to inform you of the details about terrorism in the US. Anything that involves extremists and affects this supper nation you find in this blog.

Our role is to keep you informed of the many years, including the investigations and reports that came out after the terrorist attacks.


Our vision is to keep an eye on this sensitive security topic. We want to keep you informed about travel bans, current affairs in the terrorism department, and anything you may want to know about this security challenge.

We don’t create fear, but we demystify the myths and give you facts that come in handy to ensure you have all information to help you make informed decisions to enhance your comfort in the United States.

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